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V.W. Singer

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Publisher: 4Play Press / Fiction4All (September 23, 2014)


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think an international the place ladies are referred to as fems and feature continually been chattels without rights in any respect. no longer slaves, yet pets, clever family animals. within the Britain of this parallel global, the single safety they've got are the legislation meant to avoid the mistreatment of pets, and the earnest efforts of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Fems (RSPCF). the idea that of marriage hasn't ever existed during this international, other than between a few distant, primitive tribes.

Imagine a global full of obedient, loving, puppy fems, taxicabs pulled through fems, bare severe fem boxing and wrestling, and fems appearing on the subject of each that you can imagine provider for the excitement and comfort of guys. Selectively bred and continuously appealing, fems supply each attainable form of sexual excitement. like any domesticated animals, obedience and loyalty are valued qualities, whereas viciousness and unpredictability are ruthlessly stamped out. Fems are strictly forbidden via legislation to ever hide their genitals with garments, in order that no fem can ever pose as a man.

An uneasy stability exists among those that may deal with fems as precious, precious creatures, like pedigree canines or pure-bred horses, and people who could strip all safety from fems so one can be ruthlessly exploited. Even the world's religions are cut up into factions in this matter.

But all of sudden issues come to a head, with the finger of blame pointed at a gaggle of feral ladies. Hardliners clamour for a mass cull of fems within the sector and the removing of criminal defense from all fems. emotions develop so robust civil warfare turns out attainable or even the 1st around the world warfare that this global has ever experienced.

Parker Hammond is a guy of our international, a divorced ex-police officer, who misplaced his occupation and his spouse whilst his liking for kinky intercourse used to be uncovered via a muck-raking lady journalist. He unexpectedly unearths himself drawn into this trade measurement and tasked to enquire the bloodbath. stick to Parker and his unswerving puppy fem Susan, as he fights to outlive and discover a new existence on the planet of Paradigm Shift.

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