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Leopard's Spots:

Snow leopards in Holton, Colorado-who'd have suggestion it? but at the huge, sprawling acreage nestled among mountains, a family members of snow leopard shifters not just lives yet prospers. With little to no information regarding their previous, how they got here to be or what they're in a position to, those shifters fight to appreciate who and what they are.

Held jointly through the cruel and loving matriarch, Grandma Marybeth, Levi and his siblings, in addition to their cousins, needs to locate their means within the world.

Forgotten truths and familial ties are chanced on because the snow leopard males locate their mates.

Cliff via Bailey Bradford

This is booklet twelve within the Leopard's Spots series

Cliff thinks he’s too tricky for romance and too suggest for a mate, yet he has much to profit concerning the method the Fates work.

Cliff doesn’t comprehend who his mom and dad were—he was once created in an in vitro lab run by means of shifters with devious plans. He’s discovered a couple of issues, yet not anything prepares him for the alterations coming his method whilst he comes to a decision to wreck into the medical institution to look for info. What must have been an easy break-in becomes a rescue from hell and useless shifters. To most sensible it off, the health center catches on fireplace and Cliff loses all probability of discovering whatever there.

But the Fates are fickle, and Cliff is one in all their favorite shifters to screw round with. He’s snarky, and suggest, and clever, which oddly adequate endears him to them.
Not that he’d think it once they ship him a mate. Cliff doesn’t need a mate. And he certain doesn’t wish the great and strong guy he’s destined to be with. That’s what he retains telling himself, and perhaps he’ll ultimately think it.

When he’s promised the chance to damage the mate bond if he relatively desires it, that feels like a deal. So why doesn’t he bounce on it? He doesn’t understand, and either he and his mate would possibly not continue to exist lengthy sufficient to determine what it really is Cliff fairly wants.

Hunted and hunter, he and his mate are both.
Bailey Bradford
About the writer:
A local Texan, Bailey spends her days spinning tales round in her head, which has contributed to multiple incident of tripping over her personal toes. Evenings are reserved for pounding away on the keyboard, as are early morning hours. Sleep? does not ensue a lot. Writing is just too a lot enjoyable, and there are too many characters bouncing approximately, tapping on Bailey's mind challenging to be enable out.

Caffeine and chocolate are everlasting furnishings in Bailey's place of work and are by no means faraway from hand at any given time. removal both of these must haves from Bailey's presence can lead to what's recognize as a truly, Very frightening Bailey and isn't suggested less than any circumstances.

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